15 Dogs Breeds May Cause Homeowners Insurance To Skyrocket

15 Dogs Breeds May Cause Homeowners Insurance To Skyrocket

It has always been said that a dog may be a man’s ally because they’re such loyal and loving animals. But some breeds are often dangerous around children for various reasons. Let’s have a glance at what these breeds are.

15 Chihuahua

Most people think that they’re perfect for teenagers because they’re small, but that’s not the case in the least . They’re known to be a stubborn breed that’s hard to coach . they will also become jealous of young children and aggressive.

14 .Alaskan Malamute

These dogs are notorious for being difficult to coach because they’re hardwired to be pack leaders and not followers. They’re known to attack smaller animals and youngsters to point out dominance and that they need socialization with other dogs and humans too.


Rottweilers were bred for his or her strength. They were used for pulling carts and herding livestock. They’re loyal animals but have a bent to react violently towards strangers. they need strong personalities and wish strict training so as to regulate them.

13 .Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs can grow to be very large and may be aggressive, which may pose a risk around young children . They don’t seem to remember of their size so can knock kids down and trample on them without realizing it.

12.Saint Bernard

These gentle giants are beautiful, lovable, and really playful. They’re easy to coach and may behave around children. the most important problem with them is that they will hurt kids accidentally due to their playful nature and their massive build.


Weimaraners are very energetic dogs and since they’re hunting dogs, their hunting instincts kick in around small creatures, which could include your kids. These dogs wouldn’t hurt your kids intentionally but they will due to their high energy levels.

10.Australian Shepherd

This breed is extremely energetic and brave, which makes them great watchdogs and disaster rescue dogs. they have daily walks because they’re so energetic. they will become aggressive with kids as they’ll see them as pups that require discipline.

09.Siberian Husky

Huskies are extremely energetic dogs and wish tons of your time and a spotlight . Trying to stay up with its needs can become exhausting. Huskies may additionally become jealous and need to compete together with your small kids for your attention.


These dogs are known for being really playful and mischievous. They’re a particularly stubborn and inquisitive breed. Small kids might play rough with them because they’re small which might end in the dog snapping at the kid to defend themselves.

07.Chow Chow

People can mistake these dogs permanently pets for his or her kids because their fluffy hair makes them appear as if cuddly soft toys. They’re overly jealous and may become hooked in to their owners, which could cause a risk for little kids.

06.Afghan Hound

These dogs were bred as guard dogs and for hunting, in order that they need discipline and training. If untrained they become disobedient and quite destructive. they could see small kids’ playfulness as a sort of aggression towards them and react badly.

05.English Toy Spaniel

These dogs wish to be dominant and responsible . They’re small and cute but are often quite aggressive to other dogs, children, and even adults if they feel threatened. That’s why if a toddler mishandles them they’ll get bitten.


Greyhounds are usually bred for racing due to their speed and energy. Although these dogs are often related to racing, but they’re loving gentle giants. When it involves Greyhounds, looks could also be deceiving, although we expect they’re quite adorable!

03.French Bulldog

Even though they’re a playful breed that doesn’t mean they’re good to possess around kids. They’re very demanding and wish training otherwise, they act out by being aggressive or mischievous. they have a firm authoritative approach to be behaved.

02.Japanese Chin

These tiny dogs are adorable and great companions. But they’re very demanding of their master’s attention and affection and don’t want to share them. If they’re too pampered they feel they’re the boss but if they feel neglected they become jealous.

01.Shih Tzu

They are the smallest amount recommended owning if you’ve got young children within the family. They get frightened and carried away easily, which in some cases, may result in young kids getting bitten. this is often especially the case if there’s rough play.

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