Is it Safe to Feed My Dog a Banana?

Is it Safe to Feed My Dog a Banana?

Dogs go bananas for human food. However, many foods consumed regularly by humans aren’t good for dogs, and a few are downright harmful. But can dogs eat bananas? Here’s the lowdown on bananas for dogs and why you would possibly want to think about giving your dog an occasional bite of this vitamin-rich fruit.

Banana Benefits

Bananas are full of potassium and vitamin C, and they are also good sources of vitamin B6 also as manganese, biotin, and copper, all of which benefit your dog’s overall health. Bananas also are rich in magnesium, which can help your dog absorb other vitamins more efficiently and promote healthy bone growth, says the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Drawbacks of Bananas for Dogs

Bananas also are high in sugar, in order that they should only tend as an occasional special treat, not made a daily a part of your dog’s diet. And while the fiber content in bananas is often good for your dog in small amounts, if your dog eats an excessive amount of this might actually cause constipation rather than helping to stop it.

Say No to Banana Peels

While they are not toxic to your dog, banana peels are hard to digest and will make your dog sick or cause intestinal blockage. So make certain to discard banana peels during a place where your dog can’t get to them. the rubbish disposal is probably going the simplest place for banana peels, especially if your dog features a tendency to dig through the trash.

Banana Safety

What if your dog gets a hold of a banana and eats the entire thing, peel and all? you ought to call your veterinarian directly if you notice any signs of sickness, digestive issues, or blockage. When first introducing bananas into your dog’s diet, it is also an honest idea to stay an eye fixed out for signs that he could be allergic, like excessive itching, also as for signs of weight gain. If you notice signs of either, stop feeding bananas to your dog directly. Additionally, if your dog is diabetic or has issues with high blood glucose, it’s probably best to stay him faraway from bananas altogether. Your vet is going to be ready to offer you the simplest information on whether or not bananas are okay to feed your dog as a special dog treat from time to time.

How to Give Your Dog Bananas

While some dogs love the taste of bananas and can eat chunks of 1 right out of your hand, others take some coaxing. you’ll try a number of the subsequent tactics to introduce bananas to your dog:

  • Try mashing it in his food
  • Mix a touch little bit of banana with spread (Again, the spread is another food that ought to be consumed carefully by dogs. It should never be used as a frequent snack or reward.)
  • Fill a food-dispensing entertain mashed banana and freeze it
  • Freeze a banana before peeling and slicing it, and provides the frozen slices to your dog
  • Give him dog treats that have bananas as an ingredient to ascertain if he likes the taste. Hill’s features a great spread and banana option for him to undertake.

Can dogs eat bananas? The short answer is yes — carefully. While full of nutrients, bananas are a sugary treat that ought to only be a little a part of an overall nutritious dog diet. If you’ve got any doubts about feeding your dog bananas, consult your vet about the simplest sources of nutrition for your pet.

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